Breast Care

St. John's Riverside Hospital brings new hope and excitement to breast care patients. St. John's Riverside Hospital Breast Care has achieved a national accreditation by providing the highest quality care to their patients offering a comprehensive range of breast care services. Today, St. John's Riverside Hospital provides patients choices of treatment advances against breast cancer. We pride ourselves on providing you, our patients with access to the latest and most advanced breast care medical technology.

Early Detection
In addition to our high resolution ultrasound and digital mammography, we have acquired a new state-of-the-art MRI with dedicated breast coil that provides enhanced imaging for our patients and allows us to perform MRI-guided biopsy procedures when needed.

Immediate Reconstruction
St. John's Riverside Hospital Ashikari Breast Center not only treats breast cancer patients but routinely screens high risk patients and manages benign breast disorders as well.  The center is known worldwide for a one-stage prophylactic nipple sparing mastectomy with immediate reconstruction which was pioneered through the practice alongside our plastic surgeons.  This has given high-risk patients throughout the country a wonderful risk reduction strategy while achieving an extremely pleasing cosmetic one-step operation.

Advanced Technology

As pioneers in the field of breast care, The Breast Center now offers patients Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT), a technique that delivers a concentrated dose of radiation to the excision site at the time of surgery.  This one-time radiation treatment dramatically decreases the time a patient must spend in radiation therapy, post-surgery.  This groundbreaking radiation therapy is yet another example of how St. John's Riverside Hospital is committed to providing its patients with the most sophisticated breast cancer care.

Patient Navigation
As a courtesy to our oncology patients, St. John's Riverside Hospital provides the services of a Patient Navigator. Your navigator serves as a proactive guide to help you “navigate” all available necessary information from the professional and supportive staff as well as community resources that will make the journey to recovery more understandable and positive. They also provide assistance in obtaining medical records from other facilities, as well as making timely appointments for your tests and physician exams.

For more information on our Patient Navigator Services click here.

Ashikari Breast Center
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Avon Foundation Mammography Suite

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Dr. Nidhi Sahgal
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