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Holistic Care Services

Today, more and more people are asking for and about complementary therapies (also called holistic or natural therapies) which can be used along with their current medical plan. St. John’s Riverside Hospital was the first hospital in West­chester to include touch therapy services over 12 years ago. As pioneers, St. John’s Riverside Hospital was quick to see the benefits of touch therapy as a treatment for the alleviation of pain and general discomfort.

Research has proven that touch therapy goes way beyond pain relief. The higher-order benefit to touch therapy includes the reduction of stress, stimulation of the immune system and improvement of circulation. Touch therapy may also increase levels of melatonin and the feel-good hormone serotonin, providing an overall sensation of wellness.

The Holistic Care Services department provides holistic and complementary therapies, which may help increase the effectiveness of traditional medicineIt also promotes wellness of mind, body and spirit and provides education to the community and health professionals about the safe and effective use of holistic and complementary therapies.

Services Include:

Maximize   Holistic Nursing
Maximize   Reflexology
Maximize   Aromatherapy
Maximize   Cold Laser for Smoking Cessation
For more information about Holistic Care or to schedule an appointment, please contact:
Gayle Newshan, PhD, NP at 914-964-7396 or gnewshan@riversidehealth.org.
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