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HOPE Center's Kay Scott Receives Thomas J. Caramadre, Jr. Humanitarian Award

May 18

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Kay Scott has been the Director of the HOPE Center at St. John’s since 1996. The HOPE Center is a unique outpatient treatment center for those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. Kay is currently a Ph.D. candidate in social work and brings to the table over 20 years of experience working with this community.

As Director of this program, Kay develops proposals and prepares grant applications to increase and sustain funding for the program. Currently she implements and fulfills over $1.5 million in grants. Kay provides fiscal management of HIV-related programs including developing, implementing and monitoring budgets; she coordinates data systems to fulfill the Department’s various record keeping and reporting requirements; she develops and delivers outcome measures to monitor the programs effectiveness; she established and leads the quality assurance program and supervises a culturally diverse staff of 30 professionals and paraprofessionals.

It is, however, the things Kay has accomplished that are not on her resume that qualify her for this award. In 1996, Kay recognized the need for these health services in Southwest Yonkers and became the founder and leader of the HOPE Center. It was this drive that has transformed the HIV/AIDS community in Yonkers.

16 years ago, the people in this community were busy memorializing those that had died; Today, the staff and the patients and their families celebrate life as they live longer and healthier lives in treatment. Kay most recently led her team to create “A Positive Journey” exhibit of photographic portraits and collages of fifteen clients of the HOPE Center. Under Kay’s leadership, treatment for HIV/AIDS is now widely available in the Yonkers community and highly effective in restoring health and well-being, it is truly a new era of life with HIV/AIDS. The exhibit currently is on display in the HOPE Center.

As Hillary Feder, MSN, MPH, NP stated, “Kay has been a largely unsung hero in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the Yonkers Community. She has perservered, despite the sometimes unrewarding nature of this work, in providing services to those who need it now while strategically planning for the future. I am honored to have had the opportunity to learn from her.”

“I have had the privilege of working with Kay since 1995 and I can attest to the fact that she is the ultimate leader. She is caring and compassionate, fair and just and believes that transparency is the way to lead people. She believes everyone’s ideas are important and encourages the staff to express their ideas and opinions in order to get the best result,” said Diane Anderson, Assistant Director. Her insight and strategic thinking has been a model in not only the local HIV community but on the state level as well.”

Other staff members say, “Kay provides her employees with strategic leadership that is boundless. She has a vision for what services the community needs and works to make it possible. As an individual, she is very compassionate, unselfish and sensitive to all regardless of their background or socioeconomic status.”

While Kay would probably say, in her typically unassuming way, that she is simply doing her job…. Those around her know that without her unique qualities and qualifications, the lives she has affected would not be in the positive place they are today!



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